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    Lao Tu, I want to criticize you on this issue! Your initiative in doing things is a bit lacking! Furthermore, it's not that we actively suspect our accomplices, but that this traitor really exists, that Lao Cai, the traffic policeman who sacrificed himself, proved this with his blood and life. Therefore, we cannot take risks, there are also bloody lessons in the party's history, so we must be alert and not act on emotions." Old Hou still couldn't help but criticize Xu Wu. As a former colleague who had worked together for many years, he understood Xu Wu very well and trusted Xu Wu very much. Therefore, he felt that directly pointing out the opponent's mistakes and shortcomings was the right way to truly help Xu Wu. This was a reminder among comrades in the group, so that Xu Wu clearly understood my position. are the disadvantages. Tu Vu was not angry at Lao Hau's direct criticism, but was seriously thinking about whether he was really like what Lao Hau pointed out. After all, sometimes people cannot understand correctly. its shortcomings. Seeing that Xu Wu was silent, the old waiter continued, “Maybe my attitude just now was not good, but all of this is to remind you of your shortcomings and areas that need improvement.” So please treat it right."

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